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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to celebrate our olympic winners.///
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sheldon adelson is worth an estimated 28 billion dollars. so why would he spend 650 million on an nfl stadium in which he will have no ownership stake? (( andy abboud/lvs vp: 'this is not about sheldon adelson being a raiders fan, this is about sheldon adelson being a las vegas fan." 12:15:05 "he wants to take the city to the next level have a legacy for himself for the years to come and be able to see that the city can grow in a way that we never thought would be possible.")) (( paul joncich: "if it goes past 1.9 million is he going to pick up the rest? andy abboud/vp sands corp: "well that's the beauty of this deal joncich)) because of that committment, sands v.p. andy abboud says the stadium deal is risk free for taxpayers. (( andy abboud: "it will be paid for by the tourists, the raiders organization and the adelson family. there is no real negative recourse to the taxpayers under any scenairo, because if there is any cost overruns, all of that is borne by the adleson family, if the stadium doesn't make money for a few years, then he eats those losses.")) ((paul joncich))
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on the south strip at the bali high golf course - and just west of i-15 on the russell road site. abboud says they are currently in negotiations with the land owners. (( andy abboud: "certainly there are other locations in the valley that are less expensive that are easier, but they don't have access to the strip that we think is important to maintain what tourists are going to want.")) ### ((12:11:10 paul joncich: "if it goes past 1.9 million is he going abboud/vp sands corp: "well altrusitic in that he wants to leave a legacy... and it makes good business sense. events at the stadium would fill hotel rooms all over the city during the slower months and they are already in talks with europe's top soccer teams to come here. which would attract international tourists. international visitors tend to stay longer and spend more. now... if the state's tourism infrastructure committee gives the green light next month... a special session would be needed to get the public funding in order. but it's not as simple just as sending a bill to carson city for a vote.
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russell with a look at how a possible special session would play out. ((patrick walker) ) the tourism infrastructure committee is just one hurdle for proponents of the stadium to clear. to get a stadium build on this site or any others... lawmakers will likely see several bills during a special session. ((patrick walker)) this empty lot west of i-15... is the preferred site to be the new home field for the oakland raiders... stadium get their way. but for that to happen... the governor has to convene a special session... and lawmakers will likely see bills to address funding for not only the stadium... but ancillary improvents as well. ((robert lang/director, brookings mountain west: "in this case, yeah there's an issue about transportation, and there's also an issue about security, those are the two big pieces that you need to address as you get a stadium.")) ((patrick walker)) economist and brookings mountain west director robert lang says those concerns would likely be cut out of the main
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he says the 0.88 percent tourism tax increase would go solely toward the stadium -- which would be enough to secure financing. ((robert lang/director, brookings mountain west: "you could bond off that, so you have a steady revenue stream, because it's pretty reliable because there's going to be a pretty high level of tourism in las vegas, in fact, that's the most lucrative single tourism district in the united states.")) ((patrick walker)) the governor has expressed that infrastructure improvement needs to be a part of the conversatn lombardo says while stadium management would pay for off-duty officers to come in, it's still a high-profile facility. ((joe lombardo/clark county sheriff: "it's how to protect it and provide that blanket of security, so that's got to be in the discussion, and the formula and the costs associated with providing that public safety.")) ((patrick walker)) >> but with more bills comes more opportunities for dissent from lawmakers. we saw that with the bills that came through during the faraday
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rights ruffled feathers and caused the session to go about twice as long as anticipated. reporting live... patrick walker... 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) just as tedd said it would be... the first day of school was a warm one.. and more t august.
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plenty of 90's this evening with 11pm temps nice and comfortable. commute temps should be in the 80's again and hotter tomorrow. but your morning should be nice with light winds increasing by afternoon. we''ll have more on the rest of the week coming up.
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careers. ((principal making school announcement:)) ((karen castro)) it's a new school year in the clark county school district and for some kindergarten students at mcmillan elementary school, it's the first time they are stepping foot inside a classroom. ((nicole baines parent: he's doing really well today. he actually did surprisingly better than i thought he was gonna do.)) ((karen castro)) 5-year-old cairo is nicole baines' only child. she has first day of school jitters but says full-day kindergarten will help her son stay ahead in school. ((nicole baines parent: it's no better time to you n know, getting use to everything.)) ((karen castro)) in 2015, state legislators approved funding for full-day kindergarten. the goal is to improve student achievement... which often ranks last in the nation. ccsd is also expanding it's "franchise school model program" at keller middle school. the program assigns the best principals in the school district to more than one underperforming campus. the focus is on getting students college ready. keller middle school will now share a principal with las vegas high school.
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principal, ccsd: give me seven years, all of my staff and my students, seven years to prepare for this thing called graduation.)) ((karen castro)) in the last ten years as the las vegas high school principal, debbie brockett says graduation rates have gone up from the low 70's to 86-percent. her goal for this year is to graduate 95-percent of her students. meanwhile, over at coronado high school, seniors have their eyes set on college. ((erika olsen senior, coronado high school: i think that newest thing we've done so far to prepare us for school is introducing the ap academy.)) ((karen castro)) erika olsen hopes the ap league school of her choice. as her grade school career comes to an end... other students are just getting started... including little cairo. ((nicole baines parent: he's been very excited about it.)) ((karen castro)) the all-day kindergarten comes with a price tag of 142-million dollars. the incoming class is set to graduate in 2029. reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) a common concern for parents during the first week...
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safely. but the school district prides itself in being efficient with how drivers get students to school... despite the literal bumbs in the road: (( superintendent pat skorkowsky//ccsd - it's always a challenge when we've got the construction on the streets. we're so happy demetria is there to help us through that. we work closely with rtc, the department of transportation, all the entities to make sure we have the safest route for our students to go to school our buses can travel in that way, we also work with our parents a little bit to let them know ahead of time when there's gonna be a problem area in a certain area arounf the school." )) ((dave courvoisier)) >> once children are registered they are automatically registered in the bus system.. if they qualify to ride it. if you have any questions about routes... you can reach someone through the district's call center... 702-799-ccsd. but be warned... hold times right now are much longer than usual./// ((dave courvoisier)) some parents were probably a little emotional sending students to class today... but how were the kids? we asked you online... and so far most have said the kids were excited! surprisingly...
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there's still time to vote... just head over to our 8 news now facebook page./// ((denise valdez)) the first of two local olympic gold-medalists was celebrated today. cody miller -- honored by the county this afternoon. sports director chris maathuis was there and joins us now with more on the celebration. ((chris maathuis)) ((denise valdez))
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week. henderson city leaders will honor connor fields with a key to the city tomorrow -- at the whitney mesa bmx track... near russell and whitney ranch. fields is a two-time olympian -- and won a gold medal in bmx at the 2016 games in rio.. making him the first u-s gold medalist in the port's history. the 23-year-old graduated from green valley high school in henderson.. and is currently pursuing a degree at unlv./// ((dave courvoisier))
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tortoises... spikes here in the valley. but while it's good news for the animals... the team responsible for fulfilling requests is scrambling to make it happen. the valley's news leader is back after the break.///
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this is 8 news now at five.")) ((denise valdez)) the animal foundation works forever homes for the dogs and cats in their care. but the shelter also wants to work on keeping the animals from ever showing up at their door. starting thursday, you will need to make an appointment.. to surrender your pet. this gives owners a chance to learn about options or programs that could help keep them -- instead of surrendering them. meanwhile... another species is having success in finding homes here in the valley. last week we told you about the
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an update to how that's going. ((christianne klein)) the exact words from tortoise group officials.. the drive went gangbusters.. tortoise group sponsored a three day long adoption drive this past weekend- waiving the usual seventy five dollar desert tortoise adoption fee. now normally they receive 2 or 3 adoption requests per week... i talked with tortoise group officials today and they said after our story aired more than 170 people filled out forms to adopt a desert tortoise and start the process to build a burrow or habitat for the it is a process to adopt.. after filling out paperwork one of the volunteers will come out to your home and consult with you on your yard, placement for a burrow, plants, food, or any other care tips.. and once you have a proper habitat then it's safe to introduce a desert tortoise to your backyard.. even with the successful drive.. there are still tortoises that need a home.. and the group also wants to remind those who may already have a tortoise or several in their yard- if you can't care for your tortoises- or if you're moving out of state..
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their main goal is to educate and advocate on behalf of these endangered species.. and make sure they're cared for properly.. ((christianne klein)) tortoise group encourages people that still are interested to check out their website- tortoisegroup dot org for information on how to care for a desert tortoise.. we also have a link on our website and .. i'm also adopting a desert tortoise- we started the process today with a yard and home visit to find the best burrow placement in my backyard.. experience on my facebook page ckleintv... ((weather toss))
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((( the heat returns this week and it's hotter today than yesterday with triple-digitsweek around the region. winds increased as forecasted as well but still remain below windy criteria. we still are dry with single digit humidity readings. and we're a w than yesterday. ................................ .. afternoon highs hot around the valley with temps hottest over to the east side of town where we're lower in elevation. especially for the east and southeast neigbhorhoods. not-as-hot for the locales on the west side of town especially the foothills and certainly the mountains where it appears to be coolest. ................................ .... regional temps also stayed hot with hottest temps in laughlin and death valley. although we definitely got hotter for the
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searchlight. more tolerable temps in the 90's for the central great basin where they also had some wind develop too. ................................ ... ..... u.s. temps show get stay hot only in the desert southwest but the southern plains with feels like temps in the 100's. still hot also for the northern plains and the mid-atlantic states with muggy conditions there down to the deep south. .. ............................. .... .......... doppler radar looking clear a a most of the precip up in the pacific northwest. looking at the high mexico/texas to continue to progress northward and bring hotter weather this week; specifically late week. looking at the next system to roll through the north part of the state to increase wind this weekend and especially next week. .......................... ......... ................ here's the forecast. 80's by morning with clear skies and winds finally calming down overnight. should be comfortable and clear by morning wit wake-up temps in the 80's again. tomorrow expect a high of 106 again and hotter. we could see some light breezes
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................................ ... .................... extended temps show hotter temps as we head through the week. expecting those temps to peak near 110 by the end of the workweek. staying dry as no monsoon has been seen. wind could be breezy at times through the week, but it's next week and late weekend when we do anticipate stronger winds. monsoon could return late next week or the week after according to long range models but that could change as well.
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tonight at six... the quick action north las vegas officials took... despite not being on the hook for sidewalk improvements near several local schools.///
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i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems. isn't that what we need more of in washington? december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck
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from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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((dave courvoisier)) let's be honest... most of us would be in favor of a shorter work week. ((denise valdez)) >> well amazon is making it a reality for certain workers. the website is now experimenting with a four-day work week. the part-time employees are from the tech- department... and will work 30 hours a week... monday through thursday. while that schedule might sound appealing... there is a downside. those employees will only earn about 75-percent of the pay full-time workers get... however they will get full benefits./// and while we're talking about amazon... all of you home cooks out there can spruce up your kitchen today.... for "kitchen deals day". it's not quite as big as amazon prime day... which is billed as black friday in july. but the retailer is slashing prices on kitchen electronics and appliances all day for those with a "prime" account. if you're not a prime member.. you can sign up for a free 30 day trial./// ((dave courvoisier)) a worldwide hotel chain is taking automation to the next
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voice-activated rooms to it's list of amenities. the project is being dubbed "project jetson".. and it's being tested in boston and santa clara. the feature allows guests to control things like temperature and lighting.. by talking to apple's "siri". all you have to do is say things like "hey siri, cool the room" or "hey siri, what attractions are nearby?" starwood does have several properties in las vegas... but for now.. the service is exclusive to it's boutique brand "aloft"./// ((denise valdez)) thanks for watching 8 news now at five. leader. ((dave courvoisier)) the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: calling it quits, hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin splits with former congressman anthony weiner after he is caught up in another sexting scandal. also tonight a wild scene at lax. >> it was chaotic. we saw just a mob, a crowd running towards us. >> o'donnell: for the second time this month, reports of gunfire touch off panic at a major u.s. airport, raising concerns about security. takata is linked to another death, this time a truck carrying air bag inflators explodes and levels a house. and remembering gene wilder and his comedy from willie wonka to young frankenstein. >> that's frankenstein. >> o'donnell: sorry, frankenstein.


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